Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thumbs up!

I belong to the glitz and glamour of the megacity life of Mumbai. Life has poured its vessel of experiences on me, this eventually led me to start my own string of blogging.This is my first blog and i hope it does not prove to be a piece of boredom for you readers.

From my childhood, I knew I was beautiful and born to "romp the ramp". I've been through hundreds of shows and fashion weeks, and all this left me exhausted and wanting to know the real me. I have thus switched over from reel life to real life and now I'm a proud mother of a beautiful daughter. I've undergone an MBA course via correspondence and I currently work with an NGO that helps youngsters to rediscover their life's aims, to unearth their purpose in life and to bring out the true self in each of them. I've helped many to open their eyes to LIFE; to the fact that it is our genes and our innate personality that defines us and not the clothes we wear and the huge wardrobe we boastfully own.

But in the present generation, the fight between genes and jeans is very tough and prolonging.

Here comes a few episodes of the large MAHABHARAT.......