Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thumbs up!

Hey hi guys,

Looks like I've finally managed to "hook" some followerers.9 followeres yet.My lucky number is 9. Well guys, you know I good I was in English at school, I actually hated picking up a pen and writing anything.I was a better speaker than a writer. But now the wheels have turned. I prefer writing these days, more so because there are hardly any good listeners left.

Firstly, a BIG THANK YOU, for taking time and reading my blog. Any suggestions and comments are warmly welcomed.

Returning to where i'd left, genes vs jeans;

A few facts:

  • A simple pair of Levi's cost upto nine- hundred bucks. Not to mention thats the starting price for a plain blue denim.But of course you need the tag, and the aristocracy that you wear a Levi's even to the market.

  • The costliest Levi's was sold at L.A. at around 1,400,000$. Chill it guys, it was embellished with diamonds and semi-precious stones. The belt along with it was a marvel. It weighed 30gm and was gold-plated with pearls as buttons. Phew! You can see the pic. above

  • Pe`pe jeans come next.Then Wrangler's , ForeverDenim and Lee`. Mind you all companies are at sword's end to win the favour of petite women and funky punkies.

  • The costliest wardrobe in the world belongs to Giorgio Armani with Versace and Queen Elizabeth lining up. In India, the favour goes to Neeta Ambani and our very own Shah Rukh Khan.(I wonder where in the name of hell, I stand!).

So, my dears, jeans burn a hole in the very pocket you are going to buy. I wonder if you'd ask anyone close to you to adorn you in all the jeans you bought during your lifetime, before he places you on the funeral pyre, so that you may be reborn wearing the jeans. I owned 20 pairs of jeans in my earlier days,when i was really into this fashion stuff, and believe me, I've given 15 of them to the underpriveledged women I work with in my NGO,out of which 10 were Levi's,2 Wranglers, 1 Pe`pe, and 2 Newport. Good riddance I say.My wardrobe is less clustered and my heart more satisfied.

Believe me its a feel good thing,- charity. I preferred a swollen heart to a tight jean. When i gave up my favourite jean,I felt I was parting with a kind of "first love". But I survived. After all she looks better in them than me.

The battle PART 1 ended here,guys, with jeans losing. But the war is not over yet. Here comes the next.........................